The Basics

We have hundreds of recipes. Most are for meats and veggies. Send us yours and we will include it in this section. Cooking times vary a bit depending on equipment. Please use our blog or “Ask Dr. Q” for specific questions or recommendations for Beef and Pork using our ALL-U-Need Seasoning. Beef Steaks Your grill […]

Ripe & Ready Salsa

Salsa recipe by Miley Brands

Everything in the garden is ripe and ready…for making salsa. Some like it hot, some like it mild, and some like it Miley! This recipe should be adapted to your own taste preferences. Ours is cooked a little, then canned into 8 oz. “Ball” glass jars.

Baked Balsamic Brussel Sprouts

Balsamic Brussel Sprouts recipe by Miley Brands

If you are trying to adopt or maintain a healthy, low carb lifestyle brussel sprouts are a great option. Just one cup contains 4 grams of protein and enough vitamin C and vitamin K to meet daily requirements. Try this recipe for a quick, delicious side.