Ripe & Ready Salsa

by Miley Brands

Everything in the garden is ripe and ready…for making salsa. Some like it hot, some like it mild, and some like it Miley! This recipe should be adapted to your own taste preferences. Ours is cooked a little, then canned into 8 oz. “Ball” glass jars.


Cook Time


Prep Time


Total Time


Diced tomatoes (4 Cups)
Diced Green Peppers (1 Cup)
Diced Onions (1 Cup)
Chopped Cilantro (1/4 Cup)
Tomato Paste (1 Can)
Hot Serrano Peppers (3/4 Tbsp)
Miley Q Southwest Seasoning (1 Tbsp)
Apple Cider Vinegar (1 Cup)


Step #1: Place all ingredients into saucepan. Add 1 Cup of water and cook until tender. You want it hot but not boiling. Tweak the flavors by adding more tomato or peppers during the cooking process.

Step #2: Canning is very simple, but precautions should be followed for safety. Jars that are not sealed correctly will spoil. Follow the “Ball” Jar canning instructions. However, we recommend filling the jars only 3/4 full to allow for expansion.

Step #3: Enjoy our salsa recipe with fresh, warm chips. Pop the chips into the microwave for 10-15 seconds with a touch of Miley Q Southwest seasoning for an extra kick of flavor. Ole’ Ole’

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