We have hundreds of recipes. Most are for meats and veggies. Send us yours and we will include it in this section. Cooking times vary a bit depending on equipment. Please use our blog or “Ask Dr. Q” for specific questions or recommendations for Beef and Pork using our ALL-U-Need Seasoning.



Your grill or pan should be hot enough to sear the sides of your meat. We recommend you sprinkle on the turn, and use sparingly until you find the finished flavor you desire.


This may be the king when it comes to thick and tasty portions of beef. Costco is a great source and they don’t usually trim too tight, meaning we want as much fat on the Tri-Tip as possible. It will cook off during grilling or roasting. Rub the Tri-Tip generously with our ALL-U-NEED Seasoning. In this case it’s not a sprinkle. It’s a RUB!! Grill or cook over indirect heat making sure there are no burners on directly under the meat. You can sear both sides quickly if you desire. Indirect heat will allow the meat to cook slowly. That’s one of the secrets…low and slow!!

Check the Tri-Tip from time to time until the desired internal temperature is reached. Tri-Tip is usually better if cooked to medium. Cut the meat across the grain for tenderness.


Like Tri-Tip, generously “rub” our ALL-U-Need seasoning over entire roast, then bake or grill until desired internal temperature has been reached.


Whether it’s chops or roasts, follow the beef suggestions for the correct amount to use. Sprinkle chops and “rub” larger cuts and roasts. Pork Loin is a classic favorite and your finished product will leave you asking for more.

Pulled Pork

We are serving hundreds of pounds of this fabulously cooked front pork shoulder. Cooking times may vary depending on your heat source. Cooking the meat to at least 170 degrees will provide you with a wonderfully tasty product. It’s a combination of heat and time…..low and slow.

Buy a boneless front shoulder of pork. Some markets say Boston Butt, other will say Pork Butt. This cut is not a ham! Leave all fat on this roast. We can cut it off prior to serving or your guests may devour it.

Our delicious award winning boneless pork butt roast is a hit at any outdoor gathering. Mild in taste, crusted with our ALL-U-Need seasoning, and “pulled”, it is great with coleslaw and our southern vinegar and cayenne sauce. Allow 6 hours total cooking time to reach the desired temperature of 170 degrees. You will use indirect heat so try and keep the smoker, pit, weber, or whatever you use around 250 degrees F. Season all sides of the meat generously. Sometimes I will rub a little olive oil over the surfaces which allows the seasoning to “stick” to the meat surface.

If you don’t have a “pit” or smoker, use a foil pouch with your favorite chips inside (soak chips for 30 min). Punch a few holes in the top for the smoke to escape and place the pouches over the direct heat or flame. Keep the lid down and check less frequently to get the smoke flavor without searing the outside of your roast.

Once you get things rolling and your roast is cooking, check every 30 minutes to make sure your smoker is running or the alternative “pouch” is smoking. We recommend using Apple or Pecan wood chips, because they impart a smooth smoky taste and won’t leave a bitter aftertaste. Many people prefer hickory, so you may want to try it several ways until you find your favorite.

Cook the butt with smoke for 1 hr, then another 4 hrs over indirect heat. Prior to the 6th and final hour of cooking, place the Butt onto a sheet of doubled aluminum foil that is big enough to completely surround the pork shoulder. As you begin to gather up the foil, add 1 cup of pineapple juice and then seal completely. Punch three holes into the top of the foil to allow steam to escape. Cook for 1 more hour until the internal temperature reaches around 170 degrees when done. Slip the whole “package” out of the cooking vessel and place into a sided dish or pan. Let it rest for 15 minutes and carefully remove the foil. The juice left in the foil makes a great sauce, or you may wish to discard. Pull the foil back and dig in. “Pull” the roast apart with forks rather than slicing…Enjoy this classic favorite!


The secret is low and slow, and once again, sprinkles of our ALL-U-Need seasoning does the trick. Cook until th meat separates from the bone, which usually occurs around 160-170 degrees F. Serve with your favorite sauce, but be sure to check our website again soon for our new Miley Q BBQ sauce. Enjoy these aware winning, and best tasting ribs in the country!


We have hundreds of ways to cook chicken using any of our products. This applies to lamb and wild game as well. In most cases, you will sprinkle the desired spice blend over the meat surface and cook either in the oven or over your grill. Some people prefer to add a little smoke during the cooking process.


You won’t believe what our ALL-U-Need Seasoning or ALL-U-NEED Prime Rib Rub does to all kinds of veggies! Sprinkle until the desired taste is achieved, which is often less than regular salt. One of our vegan customers says that our ALL-U-Need Seasoning makes his broccoli disappear before he can get the main dish on the table!

We are happy to assist you with more recipes….just ask Dr. Q!

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